The A/B Testing Tool

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Equipping innovators to test rigorously

There’s a new tool to better equip practitioners to test solutions.

The public and private sector are constantly innovating with the aim of improving people’s lives. But the rigorous testing needed to measure the impact of product modifications can be complex and seldom prioritized: innovators are often left not knowing which strategies made meaningful change. An effective way to evaluate solutions is with A/B testing (a comparison of two versions of a program or product)—but this tactic often goes unused, likely due to a lack of actionable resources for people whose full-time job is not dedicated to conducting tests.

That’s why we designed a new tool to make rigorous testing a more accessible and widely used tool in product, program, and service design. The A/B Testing Tool is a website that walks visitors through each step of launching a simple comparison test and determine which solution is most effective. To make this process as intuitive as possible, the site includes interactive tools, case studies, personalized reports, and helpful videos on important concepts like randomization and sample size.

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