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Don’t Suppose, Diagnose! The BETA Project

Jul 12, 2013

The last time you visited the doctor with an illness, what did your physician do? After taking vital signs, your doctor probably examined you, asked questions about your symptoms, possibly asked about your diet, lifestyle or recent events, and perhaps scheduled follow-up tests. This combination of data and contextual details allowed your doctor to make … Read more.

Defining Problem Statements in the BETA Project

Jun 20, 2013

While defining the problem is the first step towards a solution, crafting the right problem statement is inherently difficult. As we mentioned in our last post, a well-crafted problem statement should not be defined too broadly, too narrowly or with hidden presumptions. Here’s how we refined the problem statements at each of our three pilot … Read more.

Helpful Tactics to Define a Problem-The BETA Project

Jun 19, 2013

Behavioral economics is, ultimately, about how we think of people. The assumptions we make about people change how we approach problems related to their behavior. If we assume that their actions follow their intentions, we will design programs that attempt to change intentions. If we think that people take an action if they are informed … Read more.

The First Step Towards a Solution: The BETA Project

Jun 18, 2013

At each of our pilot sites, the BETA Project uses a four-stage problem-solving process: define, diagnose, design and test. In the coming months, we will highlight interesting findings from our work at each stage over this past year. We’ll start by discussing the define stage, where we attempt to correctly define a problem that can … Read more.