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The Problem with Your Computer’s Security Warnings

Nov 28, 2016 by Alex Alhadeff & Alex Blau

As more and more tasks in our lives move online—from work to shopping to paying bills to streaming sports games or TV—online security becomes that much more critical. Yet when an all-too-familiar red and yellow warning pops up (“Warning! Visiting this site may harm your computer!”), do you close the site or take the risk … Read more.

Reframing Mental Models of Cybersecurity

Aug 15, 2016 by Alex Blau & Michael Stern

Imagine you’re a software developer, building an application that secures sensitive data for a company with 100,000 employees. You build a piece of secure technology that’s nearly impossible to hack remotely and pat yourself on the back. The software is uploaded and installed on each computer, and now the organization is safe from internet intruders! … Read more.