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Further Resources: Postsecondary Request for Problems Q&A

Jul 25, 2013

ideas42 recently hosted a webinar about our Request for Problems in postsecondary education. The RFP process is the first step towards a great opportunity to partner with ideas42 in solving behavioral problems in the postsecondary space. For the recording of the webinar and a list of frequently asked questions, please see below. PSE Webinar FAQ

An Opportunity to Partner on Postsecondary Success

Jul 15, 2013

To teenagers, choosing whether to study for next week’s history test instead of hanging out with friends is hard enough. As they transition to postsecondary education after high school or later in life, these types of choices grow in number and importance. Consequently, even the best laid plans for higher education can go awry. This … Read more.

New White Paper: Using Behavioral Economics for Postsecondary Success

May 27, 2013

America’s future economic competitiveness, individuals’ economic opportunity, and reducing income inequality all depend heavily on increasing the number of graduates of quality postsecondary education programs. Fortunately, there is now a general consensus for the need to improve this hard-to-move outcome. The focus has turned to figuring out what is cost-effective and designing postsecondary policies and … Read more.