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Our mission is a simple one: to use the power of behavioral science to design scalable solutions to some of society’s most difficult problems.

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We grew out of research programs in psychology and economics at top academic institutions, and our work draws on decades of experimental scientific research. We use these insights to design scalable ways to improve programs, policies and products in the real world.

We work with a wide range of partners, from leading foundations and non-profit organizations, to government bodies and businesses. In short, anyone who wants to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives.

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Whether it’s increasing savings rates in the Philippines, preventing students dropping out of college in California, educating teenagers about the risk of HIV in South Africa, or saving water in Costa Rica, ideas42 is at the cutting edge of applied behavioral science.

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Who We Are

From a small project at Harvard in 2008, when a team of top academics joined forces to create the first behavioral design lab in the world, we have grown into an organization with global reach and influence. We have offices in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco and work on projects in almost every corner of the world.

ideas42 is made up of a group of talented, creative professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines, united by our expertise and experience in applying insights from the behavioral sciences to today’s most difficult social problems.

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True to our academic roots and rigorous scientific approach, our work is informed by a network of more than 60 academic affiliates and advisors, including the world’s most influential pioneers in applied behavioral science.

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