Thoughts and insights from our work applying behavioral science to social problems.

A Novel Solution for Increasing Donations to Giving Platforms

by Dave Sharp ( and Piyush Tantia, a technology-driven nonprofit and online fundraising platform, is dedicated to creating an easier and more meaningful giving process for both donors and nonprofits. As is the case for many platforms, maintaining operational sustainability while offering free services to other nonprofits poses a significant challenge. A key component of their sustainability model involves encouraging donors […]

Ten Questions with Antoinette Schoar: On Financial Heuristics, Scaling, and Storytelling

by The ideas42 Team

Financial Heuristics Training is one of ideas42’s most successful field-based interventions, one that has been replicated and scaled across geographies and populations. ideas42 co-founder Antoinette Schoar reflects on how the training program has evolved, and how this model has influenced ideas42’s approach to real-world problems.

Expanding who can “do” behavioral science

by The ideas42 Team

Our Behavioral Design Center has shown that by modeling with nonprofits how to ask the right questions, we can help them develop effective, evidence-based designs.

Smart Court Appearance Strategies: Grace Periods

by Samantha Hammer, Alissa Fishbane, and Shannon McAuliffe

In this edition, we’re turning to a promising practice, rooted in behavioral science, that’s ripe for more courts to take up: grace periods following a nonappearance.

“What Do You Mean by ‘Systems Change?’” The Challenge of Communicating Social-Sector Lingo to Everyday Givers

by Nick O’Donnell

When most people think about the work nonprofits do, they think about direct-service work—providing food or offering low-cost healthcare. But work like this is only part of what the wide world of nonprofits can accomplish, and this limited view of their “typical” work often means that important, deserving organizations miss out on the resources they […]

ideas42 Helps Lead the Future of Better Healthcare for All with the Coalition for Health AI

by Merage Ghane and Ted Robertson

In an era when artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries across the globe, the health-care sector stands at a pivotal juncture. At ideas42, we are championing a nuanced approach to this better future of healthcare that marries the capabilities of AI with the intricacies of human decision-making. Our focus is on both harnessing the power […]

Welcoming our new CEO, Bridgette Gray

by The ideas42 Team

ideas42’s Board of Directors enthusiastically announced the selection of Bridgette Gray as the nonprofit’s new CEO. Effective immediately, she will lead ideas42, one of the world’s top applied behavioral design firms.