Global Development

Uncovering the Lives Behind Better Cash Transfers

by Mukta Joshi, Wen Wen Teh, and Ariadna Vargas

Pictures of a cash transfer recipient with her savings box  In many parts of the Global South, millions of individuals face the harsh realities of extreme poverty each day. They carry the heavy burden of not having enough resources to meet their needs, and this constant struggle takes a toll on their mental bandwidth. It […]

Combatting Negative Self-Perception to Increase Youth Employment: Evidence from an Egyptian Labor Program

by Bradley Noble and Catherine MacLeod

Stable employment and career opportunities are critical components of development, but many people living in developing countries still lack access to them. To combat this, countries institute labor programs to match job seekers with employers, but too often these programs fail to design for the context in which job seekers actually behave. As a result, […]