ideas42 Applauds Strong White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team Results

Announces joining new BSPA Policy Working Group

New York, September 15, 2015 – ideas42 today joined the White House Social and Behavioral Science Team (SBST) in launching its first report at an event chaired by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The report features initial results of the SBST’s ongoing work with federal agencies to test the impact of low-cost, behaviorally-informed program and policy designs.

ideas42, a leader in using insights from behavioral science to design innovative solutions to complex social problems, is an active supporter of the federal government’s behavioral initiatives, lending ongoing expertise to the SBST and offering trainings to federal employees about how to apply behavioral science.

“We congratulate the entire SBST and all of the agencies they have partnered with,” said Josh Wright, ideas42 Executive Director, “SBST was created as an answer to the President’s call to make government programs more effective and efficient for millions of Americans. ideas42 has been proud to support and advise the work of the SBST since its inception, and we will continue to do so. Today’s announcement and President Obama’s Executive Order demonstrate that the SBST is truly delivering with a range of projects that harness behavioral science insights to help Federal government programs better serve the nation while saving taxpayers money.”

ideas42 also confirmed its participation in the Behavioral Science & Policy Series announced at the White House today. Chaired by the Behavioral Science and Policy Association (BSPA), the Policy Series will unite behavioral organizations and top academic researchers to submit behaviorally-informed policy recommendations to the federal government on a regular basis.

Added Wright: “We are excited to be joining the new Behavioral Science & Policy Series. We believe this collaboration will help provide ideas grounded in behavioral science that will make government more effective and efficient for the American people.”

ideas42, a nonprofit, works in a number of policy domains including financial inclusion, economic mobility, health, education, criminal justice, energy efficiency and international development. Its work spans the United States and 15 countries worldwide as we aim to positively impact the lives of millions by designing scalable solutions to tough social problems and rigorously testing them.

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