ideas42 has applied behavioral insights in more than 100 projects across 35 countries, helping people act on choices that affect their lives and communities.

We use three main approaches to create social impact:



We work at the forefront of innovation, developing and experimenting with solutions that reflect how people actually make decisions and take action. And we’re applying what we discover to help organizations and institutions enhance the impact of their policies, programs, products, and services.


We’re committed not only to identifying promising solutions to tough problems, but also scaling them to impact as many lives as possible. We approach all our work with an eye toward scaling, and also have created initiatives such as a venture studio and policy lab, to ensure as broad an impact as possible.


We help leaders, policymakers, and practitioners apply evidence-based behavioral insights to meet their goals by creating in-person and online learning formats, from executive seminars to multi-day master classes, and providing tools to help practitioners build capacity, apply our innovation approach, and evaluate its impact.


What does that look like? A small sampling of our work includes:



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