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Welcome to Deep Thought! At ideas42, our work involves tackling some of our world’s toughest problems. Naturally, when we need a little downtime, we unwind by solving some of the internet’s toughest puzzles.

In the spirit of a few of our core values—generosity, playfulness, and perhaps even tenacity—we’re excited to share weekly puzzles so that you too can get one step closer to correctly answering the ultimate questions (hint: it won’t always be 42), while also (hopefully) having a bit of fun.

Weekly Puzzle

Good, Bad, and Ugly

Good, Bad, and Ugly are about to take part in a three-way gunfight. Each is positioned on one of the three points of a triangle. The rules are that Ugly will shoot first, then Bad, then Good, before returning to Ugly and continuing in the same order until only one person is left. Ugly is the worst shot and and can hit a target only one time in three. Bad is better, hitting a target two times in three, while is Good is the best, never ever missing.

You can assume that everyone adopts the best strategy and no one is hit by a bullet that wasn’t meant for them.

Who should Ugly aim at to have the best chance of survival?


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