Directory of Academic Experts in Behavioral Science

ideas42 is pleased to present the Directory of Academic Experts in Behavioral Science. The first of its kind, the Directory is a listing of distinguished scholars pursuing innovative research in behavioral science across the U.S. and beyond.Their work has been critical to illuminating how the decisions and actions of individuals can shape our society, determine the use of products and services, and affect the outcomes of social impact programs.

The growing field of behavioral science offers scientifically rigorous insights to improve the design of public policies and programs in ways that better reflect human nature. Understanding how people actually make decisions and act on them is a crucial element of evidence-based policy-making. From retirement security to health care coverage and environmental protection, policy goals ultimately depend in part on behavior. These goals can be more effectively and efficiently met through the incorporation of insights and lessons from behavioral science.

This Directory is designed to be a tool to stimulate exchange between the world’s foremost academic behavioral experts, policymakers, and practitioners. We hope that the behavioral insights uncovered through using this directory advances practitioners’ important work of building more effective policies and outcomes

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