Get Your #BehavioralValentines Ready (With Some Help!)

Using behavioral science to make it easy to tweet about behavioral science

For the past few years, as our Twitter followers will already know, the behavioral science community has converged on February 14th for a momentous occasion: swapping out flowers and chocolate-covered treats for behaviorally informed tweet poetry, or as we like to call them on The Internet, #BehavioralValentines.

As one of our favorite holidays, it’s only natural that we turned an eye toward making it even easier to share the love—because we can all suffer from choice overload or encounter hassle factors when it comes to selecting (and sending) the perfect sentiment for our significant other (who has a p-value of less than 0.001).

That’s why this year, we created a #BehavioralValentines card generator in collaboration with our eternal Valentines, the Behavioral Scientist, to remove these behavioral barriers. Now it’s easier than ever to share an e-card, inspired by the finest in behavioral science, to your friend, your fellow behavioral scientist, your life partner, or even that special someone you have a crush on but doesn’t know it yet.

Take it from us—we know nothing says love more than sharing a deep understanding of human behavior and biases.

Use the card generator and you’ll be able to tweet, email, and share your valentine to profess your (most-likely biased) affection.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tweet your own original masterpieces in 280 characters or less using #BehavioralValentines on February 14th. (In fact, we hope you send us a valentine to @ideas42 and @behscientist!) Want some inspiration to get you started? Here are some of our favorite Twitter cards from #BehavioralValentines 2018:

Tweet this #BehavioralValentine

Tweet this #BehavioralValentine

Tweet this #BehavioralValentine