COVID-19 is testing the limits of our democracy. We need to rapidly retool our elections to ensure that millions of people can exercise their right to vote and stay healthy. Fortunately, evidence-based behavioral design can help. The Safe Voter Playbook offers a series of specific recommendations and resources, grounded in behavioral science, to help officials and innovators expand the franchise, maintain trust and confidence in our elections, and ensure equitable access for all. It starts with a Voter Communications Checklist that presents the latest behavioral principles for strengthening all forms of voter outreach. The playbook then goes deeper, providing  more adaptive designs to solve the distinct challenges COVID-19 presents at each crucial point voters and our election systems interact. 

01Communicating with Voters During COVID-19

02Expanding Registration

03Safeguarding Polling Places

04Encouraging Mail Ballot Requests

05Ballot Tracking

06Boosting Ballot Returns

07Ensuring Ballots Are Counted

08Guide to Responding to Misinformation

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