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Augment Decision-Making

Machine learning positions us to better use complex data to design beneficial tools for decision making, but the tools need to be designed so people will actually use them. We design for the people who will use and be affected by these tools along the way.

Ideas42_icons_2019_Reengineer Design

Reengineer how we design

Iterative design and testing has been central to our behavioral design methodology since our inception. Machine learning helps us go beyond the question of “Does this work?” to “For whom does this work?”, further optimizing how we improve people’s lives.

Ideas42_icons_2019_Expand Understanding

Expand our understanding of behavior

Behavioral science is grounded in a nuanced understanding of how humans make decisions and take action. Machine learning tools help us expand our toolkit for uncovering the trends that influence human behavior and for generating insights into how to dig deeper.




Sendhil Mullainathan

Susan Athey

Jann Spiess

Ziad Obermeyer

Jens Ludwig

What does that look like? We've used our machine learning capabilities across the following portfolios at ideas42:

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