The ideas42 Policy Lab translates evidence-based research and recommendations by behavioral scientists into concrete and actionable policies. We apply insights from behavioral science to draft and advocate for laws, regulations, and other public policies that foster equity and well-being for all, especially for communities subjected to systemic oppression.

Public policy helps shape countless aspects of our lives, from how we save and access our money to whether we can get a college degree, afford a mortgage, or pay our rent. While not the only force shaping context, public policy is certainly one of the most significant. A change in policy can impact millions of people.

Unfortunately, even well-intentioned policies may not account for how humans actually behave. Too often, policymakers base their decisions on flawed assumptions about what drives behavior, ignoring the ways in which systems shape how people act. To drive social change and promote equity, we must focus on the policies and systems that create disadvantage.

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