Postsecondary Education

Earning a college degree is one of the best paths available to a secure economic future. But across the United States, too many people who want to earn a college degree are either not enrolling, or are enrolling but failing to graduate. Behavioral science research has revealed a number of subtle, sometimes surprising factors that can interfere with college enrollment, persistence, and completion.

In close partnership with colleges, universities, college success non-profits, foundations, and others, ideas42 works to identify these factors and design behaviorally-informed interventions to address them.

  • We develop innovative solutions using a rigorous behavioral design methodology.

  • We optimize existing programs and processes by identifying behavioral pain points and evidence-based improvements.

  • We lead capacity building with individuals and organizations, preparing these leaders to take a behavioral approach in their own work.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked on more than 55 projects aimed at helping students persist through their postsecondary journey.

Explore our project work across each stage of the student journey:

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Our People

Rachel Taylor
Managing Director

Cassie Taylor
Principal Behavioral Designer

Tom Tasche
Principal Behavioral Designer

Maddie Kau
Senior Behavioral Designer

Katherine Flaschen
Senior Behavioral Designer

Cecilia Shang
Senior Behavioral Designer

Dan Rosica
Associate Behavioral Designer

Amanda Kaplan
Associate Behavioral Designer

Grace Roebuck
Associate Behavioral Designer

Doyoung Jeong
Associate Behavioral Designer

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