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As experts in the application of behavioral science to health, we design evidence-based solutions promoting better outcomes, reduced disparities, and lower costs in the United States. Our work focuses on four core areas: 

  1. Clinical innovations: closing care gaps, improving care management, and redesigning care delivery systems to achieve value-based care

  2. Chronic conditions: managing diabetes, obesity, and mental health

  3. Public health: redesigning systems for vaccinations, and responding to epidemics like COVID-19 and opioid use

  4. Data science and machine learning: understanding problems better, personalizing care and engagement, and combating bias

Together with health systems, state and local governments, payers, health care companies, and community-based organizations, we produce real-world results: an increase of 10% in flu vaccinations in NYC, a 33% increase in treatments for opioid use disorders in the ER, and improved medication adherence through a 72% increase in treatments for Medicaid patients at risk of cardiac disease.

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Lee-Sien Kao
Principal Behavioral Designer

Merage Ghane
Principal Behavioral Designer

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