Nonprofit organizations help tackle the hardest problems facing society, improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Yet for many of these organizations, their ability to make this social change depends on an ever-changing resource: philanthropic giving. 

Fortunately, generosity is a powerful force for good. In 2022, donors in the United States gave $499.33 billion. The majority of this giving, 64%, came from individual givers—more than all other sources combined. However, for people who want to donate, making their dollars count is less easy than we’d like. Serious problems exist that philanthropic resources could solve, but not enough resources go where they are most needed. 

We have three goals: first, to help more people give, and give effectively, so their generosity translates to the social impact they envision. Second, to make it easier for non-profit leaders, regardless of their background, to get funding so they can spend their time on what they’re best at: pursuing social good. And third, to strengthen and build critical infrastructure across the giving ecosystem.

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