Practitioner Insights Seminar Series

Every day ideas42 and our academic affiliates are exploring useful behavioral insights, testing novel solutions, and learning valuable programmatic lessons. Yet, most of these lessons never reach the public! We want to change that, so we’re making our internal seminar series available to an external audience. Through this regular lecture series, you will gain access to unpublished research, front line behavioral insights, and candid implementation learnings.

Insights Exchange

A monthly program highlighting an ideas42 project

Upcoming Sessions:

February 20, 2020 - Behavioral design to encourage habit formation in handwashing in Peru

Imagine a world where there was a pill that could prevent a million diarrhea-related deaths every year and reduce total incidences of diarrhea by half. Well, we live in that very world, where the "pill" is actually a seemingly simple action: handwashing with soap. And yet - the vast majority of people do not properly wash their hands at critical moments, and researchers have by and large failed to induce folks to do so. In this seminar, we'll talk about how we applied the insights from behavioral science and leveraged disgust, comedy, and essential oils to build a new handwashing habit among caregivers of young children in a small rural village in the Peruvian Andes.


March 17, 2020 - Act to Adapt: Behavioral Design for Climate Adaptation


Past Sessions (recordings available through annual subscription):

Behavioral Science and Machine Learning: A Primer

Curious about how to use machine learning in your research? Concerned about the ethics of algorithm-based decisions? This seminar will introduce the concept of machine learning and how we, as behavioral scientists, are using it for social good.

Affiliate Talks

Intimate discussions with prominent behavioral scientists

Upcoming Talks: Check back soon for the Spring 2020 speaker line-up!