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Making the Case for BE in Program Design: BIAS Report

Sep 10, 2014

A new evaluation of a project that ideas42 collaborated on points to the huge impact that low-cost, easy-to-implement interventions can have on the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. Using ideas42’s unique diagnosis and design methodology, the project aimed to increase the number of inmates in Texas prisons who … Read more.

South Africa Healthy Lifestyles Pilot: Reframing HIV Risks

Sep 2, 2014

Over 5 million people in South Africa are infected with HIV. Worryingly, teenage schoolgirls are three times more likely to be HIV positive than boys their age. One of the reasons behind this alarming phenomenon is thought to be the widespread tendency for young girls to have relationships with older men, who are more likely … Read more.

An Opportunity to Partner on Postsecondary Success

Jul 15, 2013

To teenagers, choosing whether to study for next week’s history test instead of hanging out with friends is hard enough. As they transition to postsecondary education after high school or later in life, these types of choices grow in number and importance. Consequently, even the best laid plans for higher education can go awry. This … Read more.