Behavioral Design Bootcamp program

Building Behavioral Design Capacity in Global Health

Organizations that deliver health services globally offer essential care to millions of people, but they face many challenges. Family planning, preventive care, and other critical health services are often free but underutilized. Health workers may be well-trained and dedicated to their work, but make systematic errors that endanger patients. Applying a behavioral lens to these health services can, among other things, encourage use of important health services and help health workers comply with clinical protocol. This has important implications for improved health and well-being for families around the globe, but it can be difficult for time- and resource-constrained practitioners to know how to begin applying a behavioral lens to their work.

To equip practitioners to leverage behavioral design in their programs and services, we created the Behavioral Design Bootcamp for Strengthening Global Health. It’s a capacity-building program that empowers teams working in multiple countries across East Africa from our partners at IntraHealth International and Marie Stopes International to apply key behavioral science concepts, our proven behavioral design process, and strategies for integrating it into their regular work.

The first of its kind at ideas42, the Behavioral Design Bootcamp curriculum includes:

  • A 20-month intensive practical training program for partner teams consisting of:
    • 3 in-person workshops in Kampala, Uganda
    • Regular assignments for applying concepts taught during the workshops to a real-world problem chosen by participants
    • Monthly coaching calls and personalized email feedback from ideas42 experts to help teams create a testable intervention in their work
    • Follow-on support to help teams prepare their intervention for testing
  • A one-day immersive masterclass on ideas42’s behavioral design methodology for headquarter-level personnel

The Behavioral Design Bootcamp, supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, builds off of our previous work addressing behavioral barriers in family planning and reproductive health with IntraHealth and Marie Stopes.

This program will empower our partners working to support and improve the health of millions of people to continue applying our behavioral design methodology in their important work, with the ultimate goal of making their efforts even more effective.

It also directly supports our mission of making the use of behavioral science for social good a ubiquitous tool for the world’s problem solvers, and is part of a growing body of curricula we’ve created in different focus areas around the world—see the Behavioral Design Project for Promoting Financial Health and the NYC Behavioral Design Center for more of this type of work.

Interested in learning more about the Behavioral Design Bootcamp for Strengthening Global Health? Reach out to us at or tweet at @ideas42 to join the conversation.